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Portland Oregon Lawyer Christopher T. Hill

I want to practice law to provide high quality legal services in injury cases. My goal is to get each client the maximum net recovery for their case after paying everything that should get paid. I do my best to call it like I see it and tell clients like it is even if they may not want to hear it because advice about risks which clients may not know about or appreciate can have a big impact on their net recovery. Since opening my law office in 1998, I have helped many people recover for their injuries at trial, arbitration, mediation, and through pre-suit settlement.

What sets me apart from other lawyers in Oregon and other personal injury lawyers is my philosophy about practicing law as a trial lawyer: keep it simple, talk like a normal person, find all the facts you can to evaluate land mines in the case, stay realistic about the strong and weak points of every case, and prepare for trial if no reasonable offers are made.

What we do


I take information from you, your providers, the insurance companies, and sometimes investigators and give you advice about your case so you can make good informed decisions. We shepherd you through the claims and lawsuit process and advocate for you with insurance adjusters, lawyers, judges, and juries.

Good decision making and quality advocacy earned a reputation good enough to get case referrals from other personal injury attorneys in Oregon. I look forward to applying those skills to every client's case.

Personal Injury Client Testimonials

Here are a few personal injury client testimonials from folks I have represented over the years. When you're looking for injury attorneys, the client and attorney need a good fit because the case may last a year or longer, and lawyer reviews may help out. I put a few client reviews here, which I believe are representative of the clients who I enjoyed working with. You can also see my Google, Yelp, and Avvo reviews.

Chris Hill's professionalism, compassion, and patience let me focus on recovering from my injuries while he took care of the recalcitrant insurance companies. I was hit by a cargo van while biking to work. I was, like most would be, in shock. I also, like most, told myself I wouldn't need a lawyer despite my injuries and no fault for the accident. But insurance companies make their money by denying claims and coverage. I battled months of insurance company denials while struggling to get better. Walking into Chris Hill's office and handing over my case lifted a weight off my shoulders so I could focus on recovery. Chris and his team took care of the rest.

Chris is communicative, taking the time to discuss my options and their potential up and down sides so that I could make informed decisions at each step. He made sure to find and incorporate relevant case law that protected my claim so I could be confident the insurance companies couldn't exploit any loopholes. Throughout the entire process, it was clear Chris genuinely cares about his clients. I'm incredibly grateful I was referred to Chris and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of a personal injury attorney.

Kirsten Tilleman, Google Review

Awesome attorney! I was very pleased with Chris and his professionalism. I felt like he was very honest with me up front. He was very easy to talk to. Also, he explained everything and communicated with me very well.

Alaina Cage, Google Review

Chris represented me after I was rear-ended by a large truck. While my injuries were not serious, I was unable to work as a registered nurse for almost one year after my accident due to pain and lifting restrictions. To this day I still suffer from chronic wrist, back, and neck pain. Chris worked diligently on my case for 2 years while we waited for all the other side to get their case together, and while I went through the majority of my treatment. Chris kept in touch the whole time, always asking me how I wanted to proceed, seeing both sides of every concern I had, and was consistently diplomatic, fair, and professional.

Chris is easy to work with, he's kind, he's got a good sense of humor, and he's an excellent lawyer. I'm so glad I worked with him on my case aside from the fact that we did well in court. He made the process as painless as possible (although no court case is pleasant when you're put on trial for your own injuries that weren't your fault), and he and his paralegal, Liz, were consistently available for any and all questions I had.

Olivia K., Yelp Review

Chris is an excellent lawyer. His intelligence and education shines through when discussing intricate details of the law, but what is most remarkable is his ability to relay the information in an easy to understand and friendly manner. Chris made me feel like we were a team and helped turn a negative situation with difficult insurance adjusters into a very positive experience. Thanks Chris!

Donovan, Avvo Review

Chris knows the in-and-outs and nuts-and-bolts of collecting from insurance companies. If I had to refer a client with a complicated personal injury case that would involve complicated insurance issues, you can be sure that Chris would be the one that I would recommend.

Bradford Gerke, Fellow lawyer in community

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