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Holding Wrongdoers Accountable Through the Oregon Jury

Injury lawyer Christopher T. Hill provides legal services throughout Oregon. I represent people injured because of the wrongs of another. You should call or email me today for a free consultation about your case if you are looking for Portland lawyers or a lawyer in Oregon. You should also look at the questions people should ask me before you talk to the insurance companies. Hopefully you will only need injury legal services once in a lifetime but the insurance adjusters have been through the drill many times. We give experienced legal advice to clients so they can make informed decisions about their case. We value happy clients and meeting reasonable expectations.

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Our areas of Practice

I provide legal services and legal advice for personal injury cases whether they are vehicle accidents or other kinds of injury. I am also a wrongful death lawyer, and deal with fatal car accidents and other death cases. Please click below to learn more about these legal services categories.

Car Crashes

Car wrecks are one of the more common ways for people to get injured.

Bicycle Accident

A bike accident is relatively common in Portland, where we have a number of bicycle commuters.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents involving cars often result in severe injury to the motorcycle rider and passenger.

Pedestrian Injuries

Pedestrians are often not seen by drivers who are scanning the roadways for other cars instead of pedestrians.

Trucking Injuries

Simply because of the sheer weight of commercial tractor trailer trucks, severe injuries and death can result from truck accidents.

Uninsured Motorist

Oregon automobile insurance policies require coverage for uninsured motorists (UM) and for underinsured motorists (UIM).

Products Liability

Product liability attorneys will be able to help refine the legal theories of the product defect, and proving causation and damages.

Professional Negligence

Medical negligence is essentially a medical mistake case, when a patient injury is from a provider’s failure to follow the profession’s standard of care.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death lawyers deal with claims or a lawsuit by the dead person’s spouse, children, and or parents for their economic losses of the dead person.

Brain Injury and Head Injury

Brain injury, closed head injury, and concussion are classic cases of the “invisible injury.”

Neck & Whiplash Injury

Neck injury is one of the most common injuries in car accidents, whether it’s whiplash, disc herniation, a torn disc, or a joint injury.

Back Injury

Back injury can be debilitating because we use the back with virtually every body movement. Back injuries range from muscle and ligament whiplash injury.

Knee Injury

Knee ligament injuries like tears to the meniscus, ACL, PCL, and the collateral ligaments can be very painful injuries.

Shoulder Injury

The muscles, tendons, and ligaments that make up the rotator cuff are also a common injury with jolting hits to the arms and shoulders.

Auto Diminished Value

When cars or other vehicles are damaged and repaired, they may still have a lower market value or actual cash value than they did before the damage and repair.

Personal Injury FAQ

We have compiled a list of Personal Injury FAQ so you can decide if it is in your best interest to seek further counsel to represent your rights and well-being in the event of an accident or injury.

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What we do

I take information from you, your providers, the insurance companies, and sometimes investigators and give you advice about your case so you can make good informed decisions. We shepherd you through the claims and lawsuit process and advocate for you with insurance adjusters, lawyers, judges, and juries.

What sets me apart from other lawyers in Oregon and other personal injury lawyers is my philosophy about practicing law as a trial lawyer: keep it simple, talk like a normal person, find all the facts you can to evaluate land mines in the case, stay realistic about the strong and weak points of every case, and prepare for trial if no reasonable offers are made.

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Chris is one of the good ones. He is honest, professional and personable. He gives straightforward answers and explanations His thorough knowledge of state law allowed me to settle with the at fault insurance company when I thought no hope was left. I highly recommend Chris as a personal injury attorney.

Jennifer StelzerGoogle Reviews

I hired him on two occasions when I had two different car accidents, the other person deemed at fault. Once to fight my own insurance company to pay out on my uninsured motorist claim, once to fight the driver's insurance company. He did better for me than I could have done myself.

EmilyAvvo Reviews

A great man with outstanding knowledge of the law. I would recommend Christopher Hill anytime you involved in an accident. He will treat you with respect and get your case resolved to your approval. I was completely satisfied in my situation.

Laurie BYelp Reviews

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